Domestic Violence and Church

Over at the Gospel Coalition I’ve written a piece, reflecting on an important ABC article that raises the issue of abuse toward women by ‘Christian’ husbands.



2 thoughts on “Domestic Violence and Church

  1. How does God feel about Dad’s who physically and sexually abuse their daughters? I hear about domestic violence all the time and the Godly approach to the whole issue. What does the Bible say? I want to know how God feels towards children who have been abused. Nobody has been brave enough to answer my question. That turns me away from Christianity.


  2. The issue of domestic violence among Christian has been talked about at length. I want a Christian to be brave enough to share how God feels about a Dad who sexually and physically abuses there child. I have wanted the answer to that question for years and nobody has been brave enough to answer that question. Why? Yes, it’s terrible that women are abused, but what about the children?


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