A new course exploring Christianity

Making Sense of Christianity is a new course designed to present and explain the message of Christianity.

It’s starting in 6 days time (July 28th, 7:3pm)

The 4 week course examines some of the biggest questions of life:

  1. God and the universe
  2. Humanity, sin, and death
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. Christians and the church

The material is written by a Melbournian (me) and for Melbournians

To register, email Murray at pastor@mentonebaptist.com.au

Make sure you include your name, contact details, name of church (if you attend one), and why you’re interested in doing the course.

Check out the intro video


4 thoughts on “A new course exploring Christianity

  1. Instead of slandering your Daniel Andrews all the time why not pray that he learns from his mistakes as do we all and that he learns some humiliaty and grace at this time and be less of the headmaster or jail governor etc


    • First of all, I have never slandered the Premier and nor would I ever. Criticism
      Second, I have commended him on occasion
      Third, like other Christians I regularly pray for him and the Govt
      Fourth, what on earth does your comment have to do with this post?


  2. Also christians are not into cancel culture but counter culture. OUr society is into money and worship of material things etc and christians are into love and sharing etc according to john stott


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