Gehenna’s Dead



Piled in unmarked graves,

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Filling Gehenna with what remains,

Of flesh and blood and marrow.


Who are these nameless ones,

Whose time on earth so short?

What mountain of horror to see,

the scandalous unwanted dead.


No coffin or ceremony,

No words of solace spoken.

Though lingering in the deep,

Are perhaps doubts and disquiet,

Wonderings and hopes.


What cause,

What appeal,

What affliction has created this disturbance?

What necessity or hate has so consumed,

That life is deemed discretional?


Who would give their children to Molek,

Or present offerings to Eros and Aphrodite?

What god so insatiable must we appease,

To pull from womb ones so dear?


A public commotion shudders the earth,

Let us dance and celebrate;

Cheers reverberate through the streets;

We are free to kill.

We choose to kill.

Little ones, do not deny our liberty.


Jezebel, she is a jealous prophet;

Let us prove our dignity and worth.

For freedom sake,

Give us our rights.

We choose ourselves,

And we vote to forfeit others.


The altar of self is a bloody place.

The smell of burning corpses stiffens the air.

Winning is losing and the losers die.

Is this progress’ price,

Suffer the little children, and let them not come?


“Death has climbed in through our windows and has entered our fortresses;

it has removed the children.”

With approval we look on;

Humanity scorched, and losing soul.


Who will love these little ones, imago dei?

Who will remember them, their smiles and motions,

their cries and laughter,

that first word and step?

Who will celebrate their first birthday,

Hug them and say, ‘I love you’?


Who would give life to these unwanted,

to those disdained and sacrificed for Molek?

What name is given to these young lives,

Who are found amidst rubbish and refuse alike?


Greater Josiah has come.

He will love them.

He will welcome them home.

This greater Josiah;

A King upon a cross,

purify Gehenna,

redeem the dead,

forgive the transgressor.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

3 thoughts on “Gehenna’s Dead

  1. Powerful, yes, because Biblical. The voice of the Old Testament prophets brought into present day Australia. For too long too many of us have looked the other way while those who do not believe in the worth and dignity of every human life have prevailed, and countless (only God knows how many), humans, carefully crafted individually by God in the womb, have been sacrificed (Psalm 139). And we older ones were horrified by Nazi war crimes!
    Recently, the NSW Parliament has passed legislation to make it a criminal offense to pray, or to sensitively offer support to distressed women within 150 metres of an abortion clinic … while disallowing an amendment to except those who inadvertently ‘harass’ those approaching a clinic (perhaps by wearing a cross, or a T-shirt with a picture of a baby on it) – even if they don’t know there is an abortion clinic nearby.
    And there’s more legislation in the pipeline in NSW, to disallow freedom of conscience to doctors who decline to refer women to another doctor for an abortion.
    So thank you Murray, for your beautiful, Biblical poetry about a very ugly stain on all of us.


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