‘Awakening Australia’ won’t wake the dead

“fair is foul and foul is fair” (MacBeth Act 1, Scene 1)


If you didn’t think grave soaking was a thing, think again!

Ben Fitzgerald, a former Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and one of the organisers of Awakening Australia has a thing for visiting cemeteries and attempting to ‘suck up’ the spiritual powers of dead Christians. I kid you not!



This is only one of many crazy and unbiblical practices that are encouraged and taught by Bethel teachers around the world.

The reason why this is of interest to us in Australia is partly because Bethel music is hugely influential in many churches today, and because of the ‘Awakening Australia’ movement which is being sponsored by and promotes Bethel. Awakening Australia, an upcoming revivalist event in Melbourne (November 2018).

While Awakening Australia is more than a Bethel event, the chief organiser is from Bethel, two of the keynote speakers belong to Bethel (Ben Fitzgerald and Bill Johnson), and Bethel is providing much of the music.

Awakening Australia website explains their aims,

“Our vision is to raise up a nationwide prayer mandate for the salvation of our families, friends and our country.

Right now our country is at a critical point in history, so now more than ever we must lift up prayer that grips us for our loved ones who do not yet know God.

God clearly gave us the number of 100,000 Australians coming to Him in 2018. If we all take our place in this mandate this is very possible.”

This all sounds exciting and amazing until one scratches the surface and reads that the Jesus believed and preached by Bethel is not the same as the Jesus revealed in the Bible and the Christianity that is promoted also differs to the Gospel that is outlined in the Scriptures. I am not saying that everyone involved or who is planning to attend aligns with Bethel theologically, for no doubt there are many genuine followers of Christ who will be there. But surely, because of such influence, it’s important to make people aware of concerns regarding Bethel’s influence and involvement.

Stephen Tan has published an insightful and important article on the Bethel Movement and its connection with Awakening Australia.  At What Price Awakening? Examining the Theology and Practice of the Bethel Movement has already been read widely by 10,000s of people all over the world, especially in Australia and the USA.

As with any article, there are people who agree and there are people who disagree. Some of the criticisms suggest that Stephen Tan (and the Gospel Coalition) are just mounting an attack on a legitimate Christian group, simply because they are different to TGCA. People should know though that Stephen has not written an anti-Charismatic or anti-Pentecostal article; he’s not a cessationist! Stephen Tan is not writing from the perspective of an outsider, but as someone who once attended a Bethel connected church in Melbourne, and who has first-hand experience of Bethel teaching and practices. Also this, he has carefully and fairly laid out the theology and praxis of Bill Johnson and Bethel, citing many examples which anyone can source and investigate for themselves. It is also interesting to see many people coming forward as a result of this article and sharing their own experiences from being part of the Bethel movement.

It’s important for me to be upfront, I know Stephen personally. He was an intern at Mentone Baptist for two years, and 18 months ago he planted a church with a team from Mentone. He is a man of integrity and with a deep love for Jesus and for people. Before his article was published on the Gospel Coalition Australia website, I had an opportunity to read the article. Having read the draft, I know there is much more that can be said of the Bethel movement but we wanted to keep the article short enough so that people would read it.

Another criticism being leveled against Stephen is that he’s been uncharitable toward Bethel, pointing out negatives and not the positives. Regardless of how many niceties and positives one might say, none of them can cover up and denude the very serious theological concerns that have been raised.

I have also noted that some critics have confused disagreement on secondary matters, with disagreeing over primary core doctrines. Bill Johnson holds that the incarnate Christ is less than fully Divine. He preaches the necessity of miracles and healing attached to the Gospel. let the reader understand, we are not talking about insignificant matters, but ones that question the power and definition of the Gospel and the identity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is not uncharitable of a Christian leader to inform others of a popular movement that is gaining acceptance in the broader church. The New Testament outlines how Christian leaders have a responsibility to alert fellow believers to dangerous ideas and doctrines. Correcting and exposing a movement like Bethel is important because the glory of God matters, the purity of the Gospel matters, and the health and life of people matters. The Apostle Paul exhorted the Elders of Ephesus,

“Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.  I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.  Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard!” (Acts 20:28-31)

Over the past week, the Australian news has been dominated by the story of strawberries. There have numerous incidents of people biting into strawberries, only to be stabbed by pins and needles that have been hidden by some yet unknown persons. Beautiful, sweet and tasty strawberries have been contaminated, and so it’s vital that the public is made aware. When the good news of Jesus Christ has been contaminated, it is incumbent upon pastors to warn people and to explain what is wrong, and to point people to fruit that is safe and good.

We pray for revival, longing to see many Australians coming to Christ, but no one has ever been saved by a false Gospel, no church has ever grown closer to God through a spirituality that has more in common with MacBeth’s three witches than the God of the Bible.

I agree with Stephen’s concerns with the gathering that is taking place in Melbourne later this year. I would encourage people not to attend, for the sake of their own spiritual health and for the good of their friends. I would urge churches to reconsider their participation and for pastors alert their congregations.

“I am concerned that the upcoming “Awakening Australia” event also fits the description and has the potential to cause much confusion and spiritual damage to thousands of unsuspecting Australians. To those who are supporting this event in the name of revival, may I ask this question: “At what price, awakening?” Is it worth pursuing awakening if it means that the gospel is compromised and that false teaching is promoted? I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:6If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”


UPDATE September 27th

Following a story published in Eternity, Ben Fitzgerald offered this comment on Eternity’s Facebook page,

“you guys did a great job in this article- we are very thankful for your editorial gifts. As one the organizers I’d like to add something to this. A fair amount (not all) of the focus of this article is about Bill Johnson and some concerns / comments from one other pastor about him and Bethel. But to clarify a few things, Bill only speaks one time in the whole event- literally 1 hour from all 3 days, and right now most churches in Australia (maybe even those who don’t like Bethel) are probably singing a Bethel worship song every Sunday in their church. I don’t think it’s right people get so concerned over one of 8+ speakers..and focus on the fact that he said to “pray for trump”- by the way he never told anyone to go vote for him. The Bible tells us to pray for leaders so that’s scriptural. People can get so caught up on smaller issues and think of the many reasons to divide “yet again”- but the fact is Australia is in desperate need of the love of God and we certainly aren’t going to show them that as long as we are focusing on small division. The goal of this event is someones unsaved brother meeting Jesus. The goal is us bringing the real gospel to hurting people…we don’t have time to lose as our nation has clearly shown a radical decline in those who believe God these last 10 years. Already since we began this campaign over 1 year ago we have seen close to 1000 Aussies meet Jesus, and I hear similar reports from churches all across the nation- that something is changing. We work as an “All church” event…many Baptists leaders, free church leaders, Anglican, Pentecostal…the list goes on will be at the event and as of now we’ll over 200+ churches are already supporting this and its growing daily. Aussies churches are coming together not just for this event, but doing many other things like it because they sense an urgency to act and to show Australians and Undivided church. Last time I checked unity wasn’t an option in the Bible, but rather a command. I encourage people to lay down their tiny things, gather around Jesus, gather around the fact that our country needs God and if we do it together we are stronger. Bless you guys”


To which I have responded,

“A number of things can be said in response to this:

  1. Bethel’s involvement is greater than you have suggested here. Not only is Bill Johnson a key note speaker, but so are you and as you state, you’re an organiser of the event (and formally a Bethel pastor). The Bethel music band are performing. As the Awakening Australia facebook page has shared, you recently visited Bethel Church to give a report about the event, where Bethel members contributed financially to Awakening Australia and who are sending hundred of members to be present at the event. It may not be an official Bethel event, but it is certainly heavily influenced by and supported by Bethel.
  2. The criticisms of Bethel that were published last week are significant and substantial. While you may describe the differences “smaller issues” and “tiny things”, many of us think that the fully Divinity of Jesus Christ is a big deal. The fact that you are dismissing these criticisms as ‘tiny things’ only adds weight to the concerns of a growing number of Aussie Christians.”




Encouraging Update (July 29 2020): One of the keynote speakers, Todd White, has publicly acknowledged that God has convicted him of preaching an errant gospel and that he is repenting. For the story – https://au.thegospelcoalition.org/article/a-real-miracle-in-prosperity-network/



For the latest update, which includes and explores a statement from Bill Johnson and which unpacks why Awakening advertising excludes most Aussie Churches,  read here.  – https://murraycampbell.net/2018/10/25/concerns-with-awakening-australia-remain/

28 thoughts on “‘Awakening Australia’ won’t wake the dead

  1. Well said, Murray! This Awakening Australia event coming to Melbourne is led and organised by people who are into a whole mess of false manifestations, practices and doctrine. Starting today and over the next month, shall be writing about how the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Bethel are bringing great spiritual corruption into the Church – @nah2nar


    • I’m so pleased to see that there’s people like Murray Campbell who has godly discernment about the grave error that the Bethel church is promoting.


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  4. The main speaker for Awakening Australia is a guy with no arms or legs (Nick Vujicic)!

    Bethel theology is not without its quirks. But let keep the focus on that which AA have chosen themselves: on having a guy with no arms or legs as the keynote speaker.


    • Nick Vukicic was only very recently announced as a speaker. He was not originally on the platform whereas Bill Johnson was being promoted as a keynote speaker. Nick’s presence doesn’t change any of the information or concerns that have been raised


      • Nick was always on the cards for this event – it’s his birthplace/hometown! Bill is just a visitor to Melb.

        This is a great opportunity for Bill – to sit under the teaching of Nick. He’s someone who can relate to Bill with living in California, but Nick is someone who can also uniquely correct Bill’s errors of emphasis. Here’s to a big prayer for transformation & teachability on all sides.


  5. *To be precise, Nick was publicly announced on 8/9/18, so 5 weeks ago.

    C’mon Murray – let’s get on board & see Nick preach to Bill! I cant see Bill going along to any other conference where someone will teach him better theology on healing. Invite your friends to hear Nick preach about Jesus! Australia for Jesus!


  6. I agree that it’s vital to reject false teaching. Please see Sam Oldland and Jimmy Young’s 3 videos about AA released on fb this week.
    I’m saddened and discouraged that you seem to throw the baby out with the bath water, Murray. I’m from a great Bible teaching church in Melbourne where AA wasn’t advertised. I went because a few friends invited me and I was DELIGHTED to see Jesus’ name lifted high by so many thousands of people from different nations and walks of life, to have a glimpse of what heaven will be like; to see people singing / chanting Jesus’ name in the city streets, sharing the hope that we have with Aussies. They had such boldness that we from more reformed churches must learn from. I REJOICE in the fact that hundreds of people heard the gospel and gave their lives to Jesus this weekend.
    Did you go and check it out?


    • Bethany, I have spoken with Jimmy, and have spoken with Stephen Tan who wrote the original article and who met with the Awakening Organisors last month. Their original concerns are substantial and remain.

      For example, Awakening’s own promotional material describes the Gospel in a way that most Australian Churches could not subscribe to.
      Also, the questions over Bethel’s invovement are significant, not least because of the ways they repeatedly and consistently diminish (if not sometimes deny) the Divinity of Jesus Christ. I suspect most Christians would find that deeply troubling. Please also hear, no one has suggeted that everyone on the platform or everyone in attendance would sign up to these theological errings that are taught and encouraged by those involved, nonetheless, it is difficult for Christians to support or encourage others to attend for these reasons.
      Some of these matters have been addressed in later articles, including this one https://murraycampbell.net/2018/10/25/concerns-with-awakening-australia-remain/


      • I agree with Bethany, Murray. I also think that your accusations go way beyond what the message of AA was. There was no diminishing or denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Were you there at the last event at Margaret Court Arena 18 months ago, the pre-awakening? The main singer for the whole event wore a T-shirt saying “JESUS IS GOD”. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever seen any other Christian wear a T-shirt like this, and I doubt you even own one Murray. Awakening is explicit = Jesus is God.


      • Awakening is not explicit. They invited speakers who preach and write books in which they diminish and at times deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ. That is a huge problem. Most Christian Churches wold never invite someone to speak who is known to fudge the deity of Christ, because this is one of the core beliefs that makes Christianity, Christianity. This is one of the reasons why most Melbourne churches could not support Awakening.


  7. Perhaps you should have attended and judged the event based upon its fruit. Perhaps you could still attend the mass baptism on St. Kilda beach tonight.

    I saw hundreds, possibly thousands, committing their lives to Christ – for the first time. These new believers will be flooding local churches across Victoria.

    Heaven rejoices over one who receives The Lord Jesus.

    Murray – Are you gathering or scattering by your article?


    • Like I’ve said before, the event’s own material defines the gospel in ways that most Christian churches cannot support

      And I’m disinclined to support an event that was sponsored by and is promoting a movement (bethel) that diminishes the full divinity of Jesus Christ. It would be irresponsible and unloving of me as a pastor to do so


      • While this is an old discussion, I can not resist in commenting. Bill Johnson’s ministry has brought tens of thousands to Christ through the preaching of the Gospel with signs and miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. He has strong tie with the Toronto Blessings. If he preaches the false Gospel, why would God’s Spirit manifest Himself over and over again throughout Bill Johnson’s ministry which is strongly supported by the Catch the Fire. If he is not doing God’s will and glorifying His Name, why would The Holy Spirit be doing what He does with the signs and wonders in healing and deliverance in Bill’s ministry.?

        Be careful if we choose to deny the work of the Holy Spirit and all the fruits that are evident in Bill’s ministry. Because if we do, we know well that it is Blasphemy. Matt 7 – we judge true and false prophets by their fruits. Two simple questions to ask. Do they lead Christians to holiness and be more Christlike? Do they draw Christians closer to God and to be more passionate about God? Judge by their fruits.

        Meanwhile, we need to be mindful if and how we judge our brothers and sisters. James 4:11-12. Be careful not to speak against the law and judge the law. Be careful not to be a stumble block to God’s work. Oftentimes we may think we are right but our right may be wrong in God’s eyes. We can only be right if it is God’s will. And if a brother is bearing fruits in God’s favor, we may want to be careful on insisting that we are right and he is wrong. Let us hear it from the Holy Spirit and let Him be our guide.


  8. Thank you for speaking out against this movement and its grievous false teachings, which includes Hillsong and C3 here in Australia. There has been a strange silence about the charismatic movement here in Australia for far too long! The teachings of this latest incarnation of the charismatic movement (the New Apostolic Reformation) are as far away from Biblical Christianity as Mormonism or the JW’s. The NAR has overtaken thousands of churches around the world and is estimated as having at least half a billion adherents.

    I personally watched a pastor succumb to its teachings and subsequently lead a whole congregaton astray at the Anglican church I used to attend. Since then I’ve had contact with hundreds and hundreds of people around the world who have had their churches destroyed by these false teachings. It is now common place, and often starts with a church’s leadership shifting towards Hillsong-style worship, or attending Hillsong Conference or some of the popular international NAR conferences like The Passion Conference. The music is a huge doorway into the false teaching as well. Unfortunately, with the false teaching comes ungodly behaviour and churches full of unregenerate, unrepentant people who have believed a false gospel.

    The following links are to two outstanding resources, to help people see for themselves what the current charismatic movement (including Bill Johnson and the Bethel church cult) is teaching:

    Author Holly Pivec has written two books about the movement, and her blog is very helpful:

    Amy Spreeman has been writing about this movement for many years, and she shares many first-hand testimonies of people coming out of this worldwide cult:

    Brother, please keep informing and warning the flock, and may the Lord bless your efforts!

    In Christ’s service,


  9. Official belief statement, Bethel Church:

    The Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin, Mary, and is God’s Anointed One, empowered by the Holy Spirit to inaugurate God’s kingdom on earth. He was crucified for our sins, died, was buried, resurrected and ascended into heaven, and is now alive today in the presence of God the Father and in His people. He is “true God” and “true man.”


  10. Hi Murray,

    We were at AA on Sunday when Bill preached. He actually said that Jesus is Son of God who chose to empty His own divinity and fully submit Himself to the work of the Holy Spirit to preform miracles. Have a look at his message on the AA Facebook page. He fully answered his critics. I was uneasy about attending the event because of the Bethel influence. I was prompted to go and have to say it was life changing. Let’s pray for revival and go out and work for it!!!!


  11. Thank God that people are taking a stand for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bizarre that a leader is saying we’re to lay down the tiny things; the word of God is a tiny thing?!. It is the word of God, and not the word according to Bill Johnson.


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